The Clear & Confident Webcast for Women


The Life-Force Academy Presents: Clear & Confident Webcast for Women. Friday, September 11th at 9 am Pacific Time
Attend for Free, From Anywhere in the World

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Ladies, a powerful feminine energy is needed right now.

It’s our responsibility to cultivate the confidence that is needed right now in order for women to truly reclaim their place and power.

It’s our responsibility to create the clarity within us that cuts through the guilt, shame, and insecurities that we have been indoctrinated into.

Our innate super power as Women allows us to be incredibly intuitive, empathize with others, and to deeply listen.

Right now on this planet, we are all thirsty for this true feminine energy that uplifts, nurtures, and inspires.

We don’t have time to allow insecurities to run the show. Lifting the wool from our eyes, we can clearly see these indoctrinated insecurities have kept us in fear of our own feminine power.

We can feel ALL the emotions, and we can still be centered and know ourselves. Now, more than ever, we need to step up our game. Now, more than ever, we are asked to reassess what society has taught us, and to become more aware and comfortable in our own skin so that we can truly rise to what the moment is asking of us.

This is a global webcast with Simrit- for anyone who identifies as a Woman. It’s about transmuting the poisons we experience into something that can heal us, each other, and this planet. You can attend for free, from anywhere in the world.

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